Wyoming public schools are in a $500 million hole.

Plugging that hole is critical to the state’s future. Our current representative isn’t taking the threat seriously.

Schools in Wyoming educate our future workforce. But their importance doesn’t stop there.

Our students need excellent reading, writing, technology and critical thinking skills to navigate the torrent of information (and misinformation). They need high-level math and science studies to become the research scientists who develop vaccines for the next pandemic. They need to be thinkers and dreamers ready to step into jobs that don’t yet exist. They need art, music and physical education to develop into creative, compassionate, well-rounded adults.

Our schools also provide critical safety net services well beyond the scope of academics. Faculty feed hungry children, provide a safe place and help in cases of child abuse. They facilitate access to health care, counseling, occupational and physical therapy and special education services

Schools play a crucial role in the socialization of our kids through activities, clubs and sports that encourage sharing, mutual respect, diversity, fair play and positive interactions with peers and adults.

In rural Wyoming, schools are often the major employer in town (in Laramie County, the school districts are our third largest employer – 2,500 workers). They are the center of social activity and the beating heart of community spirit.

Good schools are critical to attract new business and retain existing business.

We have to get serious about creating new revenue to ensure our schools remain healthy. Wyomingites deserve a proactive representative who cares about the future of their children.

We cannot stick our heads in the sand and expect our broken revenue picture to fix itself.

I’m ready to do the hard work of confronting Wyoming’s challenges, not shying away from them.


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