Wyoming House Candidate: ‘It’s Past Time’ for Medicaid Expansion

Cheyenne’s Amy Spieker renews call for Wyoming Legislature to improve health care for thousands of Wyomingites amidst pandemic and economic downturn

CHEYENNE — Amy Spieker, Democractic candidate for House District 11 in Cheyenne, issued the following statement regarding Medicaid expansion following this week’s ballot initiative on the issue in Missouri:

The Cowboy State has a frontier ethos, which means looking out for each other when there’s no one around to help. The State Legislature and Jared Olsen have refused millions of dollars in budget savings that come from offering secure, low-cost health care through expanding Medicaid. They’ve failed thousands of Wyomingites who are now facing hardship through this pandemic and don’t have access to local doctors or health care. It’s past time that the Legislature stop playing politics and join the rest of the West to make sure we’re looking out for all Wyomingites. Jared Olsen won’t, I will.

Expanding Medicaid is a top priority for Spieker, a public health professional and first-time candidate for the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Thirty-eight states and the District of Columbia, including Montana, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and Idaho, have expanded Medicaid since 2014, which allows low-wage adults to access healthcare. The expanded coverage is primarily paid for by the federal government, which provides 90 percent matching funds, authorized by the Affordable Care Act. Studies have repeatedly shown that Medicaid expansion saves lives, improves health, creates jobs, supports doctors, benefits veterans, and helps state budgets. Expanding Medicaid will also help Wyoming hospitals pay for $114 million in care for Wyomingites without health insurance every year. Medicaid would give those people good health care, and save local hospitals a significant amount of money, at little cost to state taxpayers.

Medicaid Expansion Missouri Press Release (PDF)