Support Amy Spieker House District 11

Running a campaign is about building a community.

We need to reach out to voters in House District 11 to learn their concerns and hopes and share the work that Amy will do as a legislator to alleviate concerns and build dreams.

To reach House District 11, Amy needs people to call voters and let them know about the campaign, listen to their interests, and engage them as volunteers. This is safely done from your back porch or dining room table during the pandemic.  

As we continue to re-open, we need to connect with people masked face to masked face by hitting the pavement and knocking doors. While we are still learning people’s comfort level around this, we are hopeful that soon we will be able to connect in this way and would love to get you on the list to help.

Amy also wants to hear from you. Do you have thoughts about how to make House District 11 stronger? Do you have questions about what’s going on at the state legislature? Are you uncertain about the future? Send us an email to share your thoughts, hearing from all of you makes the campaign stronger.

Lastly, we will always be thankful for a donation to the campaign, you can make a financial contribution here. If you aren’t able to make a financial donation, but would like to bake cookies for phone bankers, breakfast for door knockers, or share other culinary expertise please reach out. 

We really appreciate your generosity and help in mobilizing House District 11 for change.