About Amy Spieker

Meet Amy

Amy is running to build community and find creative solutions for all Wyomingites as the representative for Wyoming House District 11. 

Whether through her current work as the Director of Community Health at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, through her upbringing as a daughter of a military physician, or service to the Cheyenne Ski Club, building community has been central to Amy’s life.  Wyoming faces many challenging problems, bringing the community perspective to the legislature is how creative solutions to challenging problems are developed.

Amy is a public health professional who has spent her career bringing people together to combine her research and evaluation skills with the reality on the ground to promote public health strategies that fit the challenges at hand. Her experience in maternal and child health and community health have given her the opportunity to collaborate with people across the entire state of Wyoming to understand the issues they face and identify how to leverage resources to address them. Amy has worked to convene the Cheyenne community through volunteering as an Ally with Circles and serving as the Vice President and President of the Cheyenne Ski Club. She leads the Laramie County Community Partnership, an organization of 65 community organizations focused on improving the lives of those in Laramie County and is a board member of the Wyoming Public Health Association and the Regional Representative to the American Public Health Association. 

Amy grew up across the United States as the daughter of a military doctor. Her family’s emphasis on making connections in new places while maintaining strong ties to extended family and friends in distant corners of the U.S. was a valuable lesson in the simple practicality of creating community. In college, Amy was a student-athlete and received a Bachelor’s in Economics and Political Science from Pacific Lutheran University, where she also served as Vice President of the student body.  She received her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Washington and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Public Health through the University of Illinois at Chicago. Throughout these experiences in educational settings, the value of lifting up all voices and learning from others was paramount. Since settling in Cheyenne 8 years ago, Amy has worked to build community and tap into the communities that already exist. Amy and her fiance, Ben, met here in Cheyenne.  They love getting outdoors in all seasons, whether it’s a wandering walk in the neighborhood or a cross-country ski at Tie City.  In addition to their mutual passion for enjoying Wyoming’s nature, they’re both committed to improving their community.